South Sudan President Kiir Appoints His Political Enemy, Machar As Vice President.

The President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, has taken one of the rarest decisions that most Africa leaders can’t relate to. Of all the power tasty alliances he could have chosen, the president chose his rival to be his vice. 

Yes, Salva kiir has appointed former rebel leader Riek Machar as his vice president to end long-standing crisis in the country – a crisis which has displaced millions of people, and has caused the death of more than a thousand people.

According to a decree broadcast on state television, the big appointment definitively seals the deal which will halt months of critics of the nation both within and outside the country.

The decision takes the presidency to its original position shortly before the war began between the supporters of the two rivals in December 2013.

The world’s newest nation which clamoured for change and independence that led to a break-off from Sudan in 2011 received assurances of help and assistance from most of the advanced world.

However, after massive celebrations and happiness for being set-free, South Sudan shocked the whole world including her local and international supporters when internal war started amongst the independent nation, often along ethnic lines.

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The decree broadcast declares Machar the first vice president which was what he was prior to his dismissal in 2013 that has caused terror to the oil-producing country.

Kiir and Machar endorsed a peace deal in August last year and concurred in January to share ministerial positions in a transitional government of national unity. These signatures didn’t just come,  as it came following diplomatic pressure, including the threat of sanctions from the country’s supporters and world at large.

The agreement has frequently broken down since August and analysts say there are doubts about how much control the leaders have over militias on the ground.