What’s So Special About This Shirt That Uhuru Wont Leave It Alone??

Has anyone noticed anything special about this Uhuru’s shirt?

Well, it is always difficult to count the number of times popular people have been spotted repeating a particular attire. In fact, sometimes it is assumed that celebrities dispose their clothes after wearing them once. But not for some remarkably successful people and leaders, including president Uhuru.

For him, it has now become easy to calculate the number of times he has won the same shirt over and over again. Nobody can say for sure why he choose the print shirt more often than not. But by the number of times he has seen donning it, he likes it as a casual shirt in 2016. Or he probably loves the colour combination since it boasts red and grey colours.

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Also, considering how much time we often waste deciding what to wear in the morning (like the outfit will make our day) and end up being late to school or work, we might also figure why the president wears the same shirt to different formal occasions.

Plus, president Uhuru has one of the most difficult jobs in the world as a leader. That too can explain the monotonous wardrobe as he is busy getting problems solved.

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Here are three egregious examples of the repetition.

He was also in the same shirt on 28th May during an inspection tour of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project at Section 7 (DK 364), Sultan Hamud in Kajiado County where he witnessed laying of the track.

Special Thing About Uhuru's Shirt -3

The president in the shirt while commissioning of the Chemususu Dam and launching a Water Supply Distribution in Baringo County on March 16th.

 Special Thing About Uhuru's Shirt

On April 16, he wore it when he led his supporters to Afraha Stadium in Nakuru to celebrate termination of his ICC case and that of his five co-accused including Deputy President William Ruto.

what's Special About Uhuru's Shirt -4

Just recently when he led an Infrastructure summit at State House, Nairobi.

Special Thing About Uhuru's Shirt-4


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