Real Reason Why St. Anne’s Pupils Are Protesting On Jogoo Road

Chaos hit Nairobi’s Jogoo Road on Wednesday morning as St Anne’s Pupils came out in numbers to protest after an accident left three of their own injured.

Joining the pupils in the protest were their teachers and parents. In a Tuesday morning accident involving an Embavassa matutu and a lorry, three St Anne’s pupils were knocked down.

This has angered the pupils who together with their guardians barricaded the Jogoo road paralysing all forms of transport in the area. Morning commuters were forced to use alternative routes to go about their businesses.

Among the vehicles affected by the road block was a Kenyan Prison truck transporting inmates to the Makadara Law Court. Police and Army men arrived the scene to calm the situation but the pupils were bent on continuing their demonstration.

St Anne's Pupils Protest

In a previous report, it was stated that the matutu had knocked down and killed a volunteer who helps the pupils and pedestrians cross the busy road, however, that has now been confirmed to be false!

The previous story claimed that the volunteer was guiding pedestrians across the road when an incoming Embavassa matutu, in an effort to avoid hitting the pupils, swerved and knocked him into a nearby drainage.

The matutu driver was falsely reported to have died from his injuries soon after the arrival of a St John Ambulance.

Buzzkenya can now confirm that there were no deaths from the incident. However, the state of injuries sustained by the three pupils is yet to be verified.

While protesting, the pupils and teachers demanded an immediate construction of speed bumps on the busy road to reduce the speed of approaching vehicles or a footbridge to reduce the number of endangered pedestrians on the busy road.

St Anne's Pupils Protest

Their demands were supported by pedestrians who complained of the high frequency of accidents along the road.

Last week, the National Assembly approved new regulations for Kenyan School Buses. The regulation included in the Traffic Amendment Bill 2016 said that a speed limit of 50 km/h would be placed on all vehicles approaching all schools. The Bill is awaiting approval by the president.

Photos of The Protest

St Anne's Pupils Protest

St Anne's Pupils Protest