Star Wars: Socialite Huddah Throws Veiled Insult At Vera Sidika

After Vera Sidika apparently copied Huddah in changing apartment, Huddah probably has been waiting for the right time to attack her biggest rival in the socialite world. 

It all began the moment popular video vixen, Vera Sidika attacked Ethiopian airlines by comparing the airline to Kenya airways.

Ethiopian airlines is cheap, yes, but the service is bad. You fly business class and you feel like you are on economy.

This began the tirade.

She further slammed the quality of service.

The Ethiopian airlines has dirty lounges and rude staff .You are done eating and they take ages to clear your table!

Nobody knows why the Vera dogmatically found fault in Ethiopian airlines while promoting Kenya airways on her timeline. But whatever it was that prompted it, Huddah feels she chose a poor marketing strategy.

The ever-ready-for-epic-reply Huddah dished Vera a very hot reply, writing:

Until you can spell their names, you cannot afford to throw shade at airlines.”

Huddah began, alluding to a typing error on Vera Sidika’s update.

The boss lady went on to dub her nemesis “a poor peasant” who was not in any position to hate on airlines.

Till you can afford a private jet, you are a peasant. Quit hating.

Responding to Huddah’s post, Vera chose not to let the quarrel continue, but in a more prideful way. She revealed that the whole reply cracked her up knowing that her largest rival still had time to follow up her life.

She added that she was really puzzled that her opinions matter to people.

Keep in mind that Kenya airways has been rivals with Ethiopian airlines which charges relatively cheaper for the same product.

The recent verbal onslaught between Vera Sidika, who has significant influence, might have been a marketing strategy of the company to save face. Whether it is or not, Huddah countered the ploy.

After the epic response, Vera took down the posts meant for Ethiopian airlines which she published on snapchat.

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