State House Cautions Raila

State House Cautions Raila – State House has dismissed Raila Odinga’s claims that the President is planning to use the military to rig the August elections.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday, July 13 in a statement termed the claim as “inciteful and reckless conspiracy that jeopardizes vital public faith in our institutions and democratic processes.”

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State House Spokesman, Manoah Esipisu, said that the Jubilee Administration is committed to a free, fair, credible and transparent General Election. He also reiterated President Uhuru Kenyatta’s stance on accepting the will of the people after the August 8 polls.

Raila had said there is increased mobilization of the military forces in favor of President Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party. He had also questioned the Head of State for recruiting and training some members of the military and police to work as Jubilee agents.

“Uhuru is marshaling all armed forces to deal with challenges which only he knows. There are a full-scale mobilization and training of the Police and the Army at a scale that only exists in dictatorships where the Constitution is overthrown and the President rules by force,” Raila said.

Esipisu classified the assertions by the Opposition as undermining the public’s confidence in democratic systems mandated with delivering credible elections.

“We find allegations contrary by his opponents to be mischievous, baseless and absolutely laughable,” Esipisu said.

“It should be noted that they have so far filed more than 30 cases in our courts of law, which we believe to be frivolous and without merit. All aimed at influencing, dictating and even stopping the elections from happening.”

Esipisu further addressed the calls by NASA to be included in the tender committee to procure ballot papers. He called it another illogic demand.

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“Common sense dictates that there is no bigger interference on the independence of IEBC than that of dictating how, when and where they run their affairs.”

“Those who call themselves architects of democracy in our country would be expected to understand this,” said Esipisu.

They further challenged Raila and his NASA brigade to categorically pledge to accept results of the Presidential ballot and also ensure delivery of a peaceful, transparent and timely vote.