Civil Servants Salaries

The salaries and remuneration commission has announced the restructuring of civil servants salaries following a review.

The commission laid out a new plan which they say would check the growing wage bill of State officers by cutting off their huge allowances while giving pay cuts.

SRC boss Sarah Serem made the announcement on Monday in Nairobi and added that it will take effect from September 2017, after the elections.

New office holders or those re-elected will earn the new salaries but there is, however, an exception for State officers whose terms are longer than the current term or won’t expire this year. They will continue to earn their current pay.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto are among those to be dealt a huge blow with the civil servants salaries State officers salaries cut.

Under the new structure, Uhuru and his DP Ruto will earn a monthly gross salary of KSh 1.4 million and KSh 1.2 million respectively, down from KSh 1.650 and KSh 1.40 million if they retain their seats.

Cabinet Secretaries will now take home KSh 924,000, down from KSh 1.056 million. Permanent secretaries will earn KSh 765,000 from KSh 874,000.

Speakers of both Houses will take home KSh 1.155 million each from the previous KSh 1.32 million while their deputies will earn KSh 924.000.

The leaders of Majority and Minority will be paid KSh 765,000 from 1.020 million while Members of Parliament will earn KSh 621,000 from KSh 710,000.

Henceforth, MPs will not be paid a sitting allowance for plenary sessions anymore as would the majority and minority leaders and committee chairmen will not receive special responsibility allowances.

“We should strive towards being a producing country as opposed to being a consuming one,” said Serem.

Governors will earn KSh 924.000 and their deputies KSh 621,250. Their allowances will also be abolished.

The mileage allowances have also been scrapped due to its abuse according to Ms. Serem. “There were claims of up to KSh 2 million per month,” she said.

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This new plan will slash the public wage bill by 35 percent and save Kenya over KSh 8 billion a year.

SRC revealed it used fellow East African Countries, South Africa, India, Canada and the US as a benchmark in restructuring. It also considered GDP and revenue.