More Graphic Photos Of Child Whose Step-mother Knifed Off His Penis

Days ago, Buzzkenya reported that an inhumanely cruel stepmother reportedly cut off a 3-months old boy’s penis in what may be described as extreme child abuse.

And we told you the incident took place in Minna, Niger State. More information have now emerged.

The boy’s mother’s rival identified as Bara’atu (pictured) is the step mother of the baby boy, allegedly cut off his penis.

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The real story according to a Niger State Police Public Relations Officer, Bala James,  the suspect wanted her victim named Buhari ( probably named after the country’s president) to die out of ‘jealousy’. her reason being that she had been married to her husband for seven years without any child. Due to the pressure, the man decided to take a second wife. When the second wife had a baby, she became sad and plotted to have the child killed.

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On June 21, around 10pm, she crept into their room and took the baby to the backyard of their house and knifed off his penis. The inconsolable cry of the baby attracted neighbours, who rushed to the place and discovered the child covered in blood.#

She made tried to flee the scene but was overpowered by people around and handed over to the police, while the baby was taken to the IBB Specialist Hospital in Minna.

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She was arrested and placed in custody pending her arraignment in court. The monster step mother was arraigned yesterday on a one count of attempted homicide before a Chief Magistrate’s Court in Minna and detained in prison.

Doctors urgently operated on him in order to provide a way for him to urinate, but the boy might sadly never regain the use of his private parts because all the tissues in the affected part had been dead before he was brought to the hospital.

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This is happening barely few weeks after a step-mother castrated a 2-year old boy in Nigeria. While such cases might never been recorded in Kenya, Police in Nyeri County arrested a step-mother in 2012 for allegedly  mistreating her two step children.

The police with Skuta villagers stormed the home of the mother was always abusing her step daughters by regularly beating them and denying them food and bundled her off.

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Also, in 2015, a 13-year old girl was rushed to Busia County Referral Hospital last year after her step-mother allegedly poured hot cooking oil on her. The girl suffered serious burns after the incident and her step-mother claimed she stole her money.

Michael Wanyama, a voluntary children officer in-charge of Busia municipality, said the incident happened in Lukonyi village. He also said the poor child was rescued after she raised an alarm over the attack.

Just recently, a Nyeri housekeeper was recently caught in a CCTV footage abusing a toddler in Ngong, Kajiado county.

The shocking video shows the housekeeper subjecting a child to a horrific beating after he bangs his head on the concrete from a fall. In the video aired, the boy identified as Leon Theuri, hits his head on a concrete floor after he fell from the coach.

He then cries from pain. The nanny then walked and helped him up. But rather than a soothing touch, she beats him up amidst scolding.

It is time these bullies realise, in case of disagreement or feud, that it is not the child who they are warring with but their parents. These kids are innocent and do not deserve the cruel treatment.