Never Look Down On People Because Of Their Current Condition – Steve Mbogo, Shares An Encounter

A true life tale from an experienced Kenyan born maverick businessman, Steve Mbogo, has thought us all a lesson never to underrate people because of their present situations.

We all need to treat others with respect and not by the present condition because none lasts forever.

Kenyan­ born maverick businessman, Steve Mbogo, shared his recent encounter with his former school friend who used to beg almost everything from the so­-called rich kids back in the days.

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He was shocked to the marrow to see that the old boy who borrowed nearly everything including writing pen was the pilot of the plane he boarded.

He wrote this after his encounter:

“Yesterday as I was traveling, I met a friend who used to borrow school shirts from the rich kids when we were in lower primary school. He once said in class that “problems have no roots.” As of now he was the pilot of the plane I did board. 

This reminded me that, Never look down on anyone because of their present situation. Sometimes the people you look down on today will be the ones you look up to tomorrow. When things are fine with you, don’t treat others like they are insignificant. A person who is down today can climb up triumphantly over adversities tomorrow. No one can predict the future… only God knows what tomorrow holds”.

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The Kenyan businessman Steve Mbogo and motivational speaker shared the said encounter on Facebook.

As you might expect, many took to his page to share lot of stories of their former school friends who used to borrow clothes from ‘rich kids’ back in the days, only for them to meet many years on, in very different circumstances.

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Like the businessman said, one can’t predict the future except God. So let’s learn never to look down on anybody except we are helping them up.

Steve Mbogo is an impressionable young man who claims to be worth Sh13 billion. He also said that he has twelve 4-star hotels in Kenya, over 30 apartment blocks and a flight training academy at the Wilson Airport.

He has been criticised for blowing his own trumpet with many advising that true wealth should be quiet and silent.