Storm Kills Four Tanzanian Fishermen in Kwale

A storm hit and capsized a fishing boat off Gale bay in Kwale county killing four Tanzanian fishermen.

Sixteen fishermen were on the boat with the remaining twelve said to have survived the incident on Monday night.

The Tanzanian fishermen, who came from Pemba, are renowned and usually employed for their fishing skills and knowledge of the waters.

A survivor of the ordeal who lost two of his relatives in the incident explained that the boat’s propeller got entangled with a fishing net during the storm.

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The crew were unable to navigate the boat and decided to remove the propeller before which the storm capsized the boat.


Mr Omar Haki, the survivor narrated the ordeal:

“The incident happened on Monday, where the heavy waves affected our boat’s propeller where the fishing net had been entangled. We were forced to cut off the propeller and jumped in the waters to save our lives”

The Tanzanian fishermen were forced to abandon the boat and swim towards the shore in darkness. Four of them died during the process according to Mr Haki.

Another survivor, Sheha Hamadi, said the fishermen preferred to fish in Kenyan waters because it was safer and had more fish compared to the tough seas of Tanzania.

The search for the bodies were said to take about 10 hours but all corpses were said to have been recovered.

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The area chief, Ali Riga, commented on the incident saying that little could have been done to save the fishermen.

“In the morning we mobilized local fishermen who went to the deep seas to retrieve the bodies.”

Mr Riga further added that the Fishermen from Pemba who operated in the area were fully registered by the government, as required by the law.