Strange! The Only Items That Survived Naivasha Accident

Some religious books have been called ‘a dead-set tiny heroes’ after they were found miraculously complete despite the Naivasha accident.

The twaddle of religious paraphernalia was brought out of the wrecked car unscathed and Kenyans on social media are filled with amazement at the items hat is reportedly the only items that survived the deadly Naivasha horror.

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The  items include some Roman catholic sacramentals. BuzzKenya could not verify the authenticity of the photos of the books that were shared online.

The photos of the book came a day after a social media user claimed that he loved human deaths through accident and had caused the gruesome ordeal of last weekend.

Gavin Andresen expressed his joy over the loss. He claimed to have controlled the incident to fulfill the demands by his superiors to get blood sacrifice of at least 30 Kenyans.

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This has joined like cases where Bibles, rosaries and prayer beads have survived deadly fires unscathed


While science has made attempts to explain the phenomena, staunch Christians still believe it’s something to do with some divine superpowers.

The Naivasha accident, which was bloody, killed more than thirty people.

The incident was so harrowing that the president made it a prime topic during 53rd Jamhuri Day celebration in Kenya on December 12, 2016.

Before his speech, the president asked Kenyans to observe a moment of silence for those who perished in the Naivasha on Saturday, December 10.

“Let me begin by asking you all to stand, and to observe a moment of silence for those men, women and children who lost their lives in Naivasha.

Thank you. It is indeed appropriate to begin this day of commemoration with a word of encouragement and condolences to all those immediate family members and their relatives that are touched by this tragedy. I assure you we are all together with you at this trying moment.”

Uhuru blamed roads authorities for accidents due to unmarked bumps on major highways in the country. In like manner,  Law Society of Kenya blamed the transport regulator for the latest deadly car crash.

LSK president Isaac Okero said there was evidence online that there were complaints about the bumps at Karai area being irregularly erected.

“The erecting of the illegal speed bumps is just one area in which the National Transport and Safety Authority appears to have dropped the ball.”

Meanwhile, identification of the bodies has already started. Officials say the DNA tests to identify the 39 bodies at Chiromo will take about 14 days to be completed.