Video Of Street Kid Goes Viral: Help Mercy Masika Find This Talented Lad

A video of a street boy doing the cover of Mercy Masika’s song Mwema has won the hearts of Kenyans on social media.

The video, shared by Nairobi senator Mike Sonko, shows the talented street boy singing with impressive vocals.

Sonko wrote on his Facebook page alongside the video, “Feeling blessed please share until it reaches Mercy Masika.”

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The boy desires to be included in Mercy Masika’s work and said he loves Mercy Masika’s song Mwema.

Hours later, Mercy Masika shared with her follows on her Facebook to help find the boy.

According to Mercy:

Do you know this talented boy? Kindly link me to him via 020 525 2798. I will be so grateful. God bless!!

Watch The Video Below: 

Many had suggested he could be found through a lady who allegedly made the video. However a lot said the number attached to the claim wasn’t responding when they called it. So if you by any chance knows where he can be seen, kindly call the number.

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The boys adds to a number of street children who have found favour in the eyes of some famous stars after doing something remarkable.

In February this year another video of a young boy talking in fluent English went viral prompting Kenyans to start donating towards his education.

The 15-year-old intelligent street child blew the Kenyan press away with his razor-sharp definition of opportunity and what it means to all the children in the street.

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Morris (the boy in the video from February) explained the challenges obstructing the success of many vibrant children in the street, blaming it on lack of opportunity.

The video went viral, attracting interests from many quarters, until Chief Justice Willy Mutunga asked to meet Morris after a millionaire who offered to pay his school fees has enrolled him in school. The Justice later met him and made him an intern in the Supreme Court.