Student Lecturer Love Affair

To say the world is changing will be putting it mildly since student-lecturer love affairs are no longer news in Kenya.

The news of another student-lecturer love affair emerged online earlier this week when a lady who did not get what she bargained for revealed details of the sordid deal on her social media account.

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Social media has made it okay to share every little tidbit about your life and the lady identified as Miss Juahal did not hold anything back.

The post read:


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Judith Juahal went on and carried out her threat by revealing that she slept with her lecturer identified as Dr. Kiogora. It has still not been ascertained if the reason she gave was the only reason why Dr. Kiogora went back on his part of the deal.

The mechanical engineering student of Nairobi University was frustrated with the lecturer’s decision and exclaimed that he needed to die for his actions.

Student Lecturer Love Affair

After the apparent realization that exposing the lecturer meant exposing herself as an unserious student too, Juahal quickly deleted the post but not after it had made the proper round on social media and created the proper scandal.

Following the chaos, there have been calls for the lecturer to be properly sanctioned and even more calls to have him fired from the job to avoid a repeat of the ugly incident.

Besides all of that, it is becoming apparent that students at both the tertiary level are becoming nonchalant about their studies as they involve in acts that almost always guarantees bad grades. Even worse is the act of teachers preying on students.

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One of such sickening story has a teacher on the run after he was caught defiling his pupils.

The 34 year old teacher allegedly defiled seven of his female primary school pupils in a remote Lake Victoria Island.

The area OCPD Mr Paul Kiarie said an arrest warrant has been issued for the man’s arrest. “He has gone into hiding but we are hunting for him everywhere”

The teacher was said to have been luring the girls to his house within the school to do chores before sexually abusing them.  He fled the school after being confronted by his colleagues about the allegations.