Virginity Online

A Russian student identified only as Ariana is selling her virginity online so she could fund her education abroad.

The 20-year-old student, who wants to study medicine, is selling her virginity through an escort service with bids starting at a whooping £130,000.

She claims to have tried to raise the funds through other means before settling to what she called ”the quickest and easiest way to make money”.

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Ariana said:

”Many students have the issue that during their studies they have to deal with multiple problems. You have to go to work in order to pay for your education.”

”I want to move to another country for my studies in medicine. The university will be very expensive; the rent will also be high. I imagine that living in another country will be very hard, therefore I want to get the financial burden out of the way so I can focus on my medical studies.”

Ariana adds that her parents have no knowledge of what she wants to do but that she will have no problem explaining it to them if they get wind of her intention.

Virginity Online

Women rights watchers condemn Ariana’s intention, saying it diminishes women who yearn for independence and equality.

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Conservative societies like in Africa would cringe at the thought of such an action. It is obvious that such intentions cannot be seen through in Africa where there is so much secrecy about human sexuality.

The nightmare of the reaction of an African parent will kill the thought of trying to go through the idea of selling one’s virginity but Ariana sees no problem with it since her parents are not rich and Russia does not offer grants to study abroad.

”I am an independent woman and can do just what I want. Believe me, I have thought long and hard to make this decision.”

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Ariana also offers the virginity of her best friend as well. The website gives the option for interested people to bid for both Ariana and Lolita’s virginity online in one night.