This may shock you but the most successful job in Kenya at the moment is being self-employed. Yes! you read it very correctly…Being Self Employed!

While the world unemployment rate is widely growing annually and most people are staying idle and completely in lack, in Kenya statistics have shown that the jobs available are not enough for the growing population.

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But despite this sad statistics, many individuals have refused to be bent by the surrounding circumstances. Instead of wailing over being unemployed, they simply confronted the problem head-on, started a business for themselves according to their skills and are making money today; while others do nothing but worry.

Though it comes with its own fair share of risks, it should be noted that nothing good comes easy too. Finding a permanent employment is still a tough deal to reach.

Even newly graduated students from highly competitive schools are also struggling to be employed in the company of their choice. So the best way to solve the problem of unemployment in Kenya is simply, by becoming self employed.

most successful job in kenya

Kenyans need to take it upon themselves to explore the innovative ways to fight against unemployment. The era of lazing around waiting to be employed while wasting the ‘small’ business idea we’ve got because formal employment comes with much puffs has passed.

It is now the era of creating jobs and being the boss of our own.

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Even when employed, business can be started alongside the full-time job or job search to earn extra cash. Doing so is the best way to grow finance!

Not everybody was created to walk into factories and office buildings every day to work. Not everybody needs to get up in the morning just so they won’t be late to work.

Vast majority of Kenyans have remained unemployed because they want to join the bandwagon of those doing white-collar jobs. But no, forget the publicity, acquire a little idea on how to operate a business, and start something immediately. Not so much research or education is required.

Entrepreneurship does need a lot of money or a degree holder to be successful. Most people who have made it in life or own business empires have passed through many tribulations.