Suicide Survivor

A former University of Nairobi student is trying to bring awareness to mental health by sharing her story which began from her being raped to becoming a 5-time suicide survivor.

The chain of events began in 2007 when Catherine Njeri, who was studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Communication, was robbed of her innocence by a fellow student whom she trusted.

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Catherine said her and a female friend went to a male student’s room for course work and studied for a few hours. Her friend then left her for an emergency then things suddenly turned ugly.

The man who she thought was just interested in helping her with her studies and grades sexually assaulted her.

This dark moment in Catherine’s life prompted her to question her existence and contemplate suicide.

“It changed my perception of life. I was angry with myself, the world and God. I was in a situation where I felt like life doesn’t make sense. I was contemplating suicide the whole of November and I wanted to do it on my birthday but then something happened and I kept on postponing things.”

The particular day she thought she would eventually go through with it, Catherine said something told her to try a crazy thing since she would eventually die.

“While I was leaving my campus room, I saw some posters all over advertising escort positions along Monrovia street. While on my way, something told me: ‘Just try something crazy before you die, you are going to die anyway’.”

Catherine went on to dial the number and met up with the person who put up the ads. The person told her that they were looking for escorts and call girls and were also shooting a blue movie. Cathrine agreed to join even though it would be with five different guys.

The movie was released after two weeks and got great reception. The movie’s success prompted the producer to call her requesting for a sequel but unfortunately, Cathrine was away on holiday.

When school resumed, Njeri was the talk of the campus as her fellow students began making fun of her.

“I got to campus and the first thing everyone was telling me that ‘your movie is all over.’ While in class, my classmates would pass across notes asking me how much I charge per session.”

She said people were cruel enough to play the movie in class and she would hear her voice in the background.

One time, someone played the video and everybody burst into laughter. That left her devastated and she decided to walk out of the class. As she left, someone said she was going to shoot season two. This drove her overboard.

“I told myself I have had enough. While on my way to the hostel, I decided I was going to jump into traffic. When the traffic lights turned red on Uhuru Highway I did it but unluckily the car didn’t hit me, it just bruised me.”

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The suicide survivor was taken to the hospital and advised to see a counselor. That was where she revealed that she had lived a wild life but did not remember how many people she had slept with.

She, however, admitted to having slept with about 100 men without protection.

Another time she attempted committing suicide was in Mombasa when she tried to jump into the sea but was stopped by an Asian man.

Watch the full story of this 5-time suicide survivor HERE to see how rape victims resort to taking their lives after suffering in silence.