Supreme Court Ruling

The National Police Service has ordered the conduct of anti-riot drills ahead of Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on NASA’s presidential election petition.

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The police are expecting some sort of tension around the country as commanders in specific areas, noted to be hot spots, have also been ordered to recall junior officers who are on leave or off duty in readiness for any eventuality.

An internal memo shared by police also told the officers to ensure members of all ranks remain at their work stations during and after the ruling.

The opposition coalition led by three-time presidential election loser, Raila Odinga, alleges that Uhuru Kenyatta, who sought a second term and was declared the winner with at least 1.4 million more votes than his rival by the electoral commission, rigged the election.

Mr. Odinga filed the petition to the Supreme Court saying NASA decided to give the court a second chance to ensure justice and regain the public’s trust. This is after he contested his 2013 election loss at the Supreme Court and lost.

Raila and other Opposition leaders have attended court sessions and spoke publicly about the petition as they hope the ruling will be in their favor.

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The President, on the other hand, is enjoying a tour of Kenya. He on Tuesday posted pictures of him at Ithumba in the Tsavo National Park.

Supreme Court Ruling

Uhuru, through his official twitter account, asked Kenyans to keep the peace as the country awaits the ruling.

“Sharing some moments with our magnificent national heritage as we await the conclusion of the judicial process. Keep the peace,” he wrote.

Chief Justice David Maraga did not specify the exact time the Supreme Court ruling will be delivered but assured it will be on Friday.