Surgeons Remove 30 Inches Of Constipated Man’s Intestines In China

Many people feel constipation is not a serious enough issue to lead to surgery or even complications. But the disorder is among potentially serious sicknesses.  In fact, anybody that goes through this would understand the unwelcome feelings it can cause. However, nobody has probably seen a worse block up than this man in China.

The said man looked like every other healthy baby when he was born. His life, however, changed when he was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening disease known as Hirschsprung’s disease – a disease that affects the large intestine and passing of stool. The disease slows or stops bowel movement in the colon of babies due to missing nerves cells in the baby’s colon muscles which usually would squeeze and relax the bowel to allow food passage through it.

According to specialists, the man had been having constipations but at the time he came to the hospital, they suspected he would need a surgery to relieve it.  In an attempt to confirm their suspicions, the man was tested and it was confirmed that he had mammoth amounts of faeces stuck in a section of his colon.

He then got booked for surgery -a procedure that lasted for three-hour – to cut out 30 inches flesh that built up in his intestines before getting them stitched closed at both ends.

After the procedure, the surgeons weighed the swollen chunk of gut on the scales and discovered it was as heavy as a huge two stone(quite larger than a beach ball)

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The patient who is currently receiving treatment at the 10th People’s Hospital of Shanghai in eastern China, first developed evident symptoms when he was much younger according to doctors. His belly ballooned so much like that of a pregnant woman’s belly, causing so much pain.

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The initial medical intervention had placed the man under several constipation medicines including laxatives to force his bowel movements. Thankfully, a team of experts, led by Dr Yin Lu, have operated to relieve his pain.

Hirschsprung's disease

Dr Lu couldn’t believe the size of the patient’s abdomen, as it seemed like it could blow up anytime. “I’ve never really thought of my abdomen as something that could explode – looks like I can add a new entry to my list of neuroses”, the doctor said.

The disease is typically diagnosed in babies once born. However, in some cases, it might be discovered later in a child’s life. The condition can cause severe constipation making the victim susceptible to a dangerous bowel infection, called enterocolitis if it’s not treated early on. Fortunately, the surgery went well and the patient is recovering.