Al-Shabaab Recruits

Detectives from the Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) have arrested two suspected Tanzanian Al-Shabaab recruits in Isolo.

The foreigners were arrested by the cops along the Isiolo-Moyale road near at the junction leading to Garba-Tula as they were traveling to Somalia to join the Islamic terror group.

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According to Isiolo County Police Commander Charles Ontita, officers on patrol stopped the bus carrying the two suspected Al-Shabaab recruits from Nairobi and found that they did not have valid travel documents.

They told the detectives that they were traveling to Moyale to take up jobs of herdsmen they were offered there. The unconvinced cops searched their mobile phones and found several contacts with Somalia cell phone numbers.

‘‘They told the police officers that the Somalia numbers are for people they communicated with regarding the job offer,’’ said Mr. Ontita.

The police boss said the Tanzanians, identified; Omar Mwalimu Kasambe alias Juma Abbas Zuberi and Ali Juma Kaondo were immediately arrested and taken to Isiolo police station.

He added that further investigations have started and it will involve ATPU detectives from Nairobi as well as other State agencies.

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In Mandera meanwhile, transport in the County has been paralyzed after operators suspended bus services in the county for three days after Al Shabaab attacked two police vehicles on Monday evening.

Al-Shabaab militants ambushed and burnt down two police land cruisers in an attack in Daba City, Mandera County.

The two vehicles carrying 12 police officers were escorting a bus to Mandera when they were hit by rocket-propelled grenades.

One officer was reported missing after the attack but his colleagues say he has since communicated from a hideout in the area. Efforts to track him are currently ongoing.

Another officer was injured during the ambush as the militants moved to burn the vehicles before escaping.

Police say the attack is the latest after a lull of three months during which no incident was reported. Al Shabaab terrorists are said to be regrouping in the area and it has become difficult to attack them due to heavy rains.