S£X Will Ruin Our MPs, Here Is What A “Mpango Wa Kando” Did To A Sex Hungry MP

Wonders shall never end, have you heard the latest “caught in the act” involving one of our Mps, and his lover? The outspoken MP, who is so obsessed about anything beneath the skirt, had tricked his Personal Assistant saying that he was going to meet a client in a city hotel, only to creep in through the rear-door with one of his young mistresses, who is a 3rd year student at Moi University. Both silently walked into the Mp’s apartment and began to caress each other while sipping drinks. Meanwhile the randy MP was craving for sex but the crafty lady gave him a proper “h**d job” instead which left him groaning wildly while asking for more. Oh! yea he forgot the world existed while he was making all the possible noise he could.

She then pulled off her dresses and commanded the strong MP to lie flat on his back so that she can give him an electrifying massage-one that will make his spine want more.


Guess what? At this point, she laced his drink with mchele before returning to the special task of massaging his back.

Just when  the massage was over, the horny MP took his “poisoned” wine drink ” unknowingly in order to get energy that would carry him through the main task. He really planned to release his strength on the sexy lady. But rather, he fainted in the process and the highly crafty lady robbed him of his pricey phones, golden chains and other costly personal items before she escaped.

His assistants found the Mp Mheshimiwa the following morning lying knocked out.

They noticed that his glass of wine had been laced with “Mchele” and rushed him to hospital where he was treated and discharged.

That’s how much our Mps like S3x, it had better not kill some of our randy MPs someday.