20+ Tallest Buildings in Uganda

Uganda is a country located in the Eastern part of Africa. Uganda got its name from the  Buganda kingdom and has its capital in Kampala. It is actually in Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda that you will find most of the major infrastructures, beautiful sites, and the  tallest buildings and skyscrapers.Most of these tallest buildings house most of the top Government offices while the rest are either banks or hotels. Even though tall buildings are not a common view in Africa, unlike Asia, America, Europe and The UAE, we cant deny the fact that Africa has quite a number of very tall buildings otherwise called skyscrapers. However, most of these really tall buildings are located in the major cities, just like  the case of Uganda where we see quite a number of high-rise buildings in Kampala. So, this is a list of the tallest buildings in Uganda with their corresponding floors and year of completion.

Workers’ House -20 Floors

Workers' House

Located along the Pilkington Road, a 20 floor skyscraper, Workre’s House is a place where workers are meant to go and access their benefits. The construction of the house was finished in the year 2001. Currently, the house is used as the headquarters of the National Social Security Fund ( NSSF).

Stanbic Bank North Tower, Kampala -20 Floors

Stanbic Bank North Tower, Kampala

In 2005, Stanbic Bank Uganda acquired Uganda Commercial Bank, and this acquisition made them  relocate from the USB House, to the Crested Towers now known as Twin Towers. They further renamed the Twin Towers as Stanbic Bank North Tower and the other, Stanbic Bank South Tower. It is a 20-storey building, completed in the year 1970.

Mapeera House, Kampala – 19 Floors

Mapeera House, Kampala

Mapeera House is a 19-storey high-rise building in Kampala. The construction was completed in the year 2012, quite recent. The Mapeera House accomodates the headquarters of Centenary Bank, which is the largest indigenous commercial bank in Uganda

Uganda House, Kampala – 16 Floors

Uganda House, Kampala

Constructed in 1980 with 16 floors, located at the heart of Uganda,  the Ugandan House is the property of Milton Obote Foundation. The House accommodates The  Uganda People’s Congress, one of the key political parties in Uganda.

Cham Towers, Kampala – 16 Floors

Cham Towers, Kampala

The Construction of the 16-storey building was completed in 1979. The Building was formerly the property of Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB), and was popularly known as The UCB House. The UCB was acquired by Standard Bank Of Africa and then transferred to Stanbic Bank Uganda. They in turn, relocated to the Twin Towers abandoning The UCB House. The UCB House was later sold and renamed Cham Towers.

Kampala Sheraton Hotel, Kampala – 14 Floors

Kampala Sheraton Hotel, Kampala

Kampala Sheraton is a 14-storey building whose the construction was completed in 1965. Since then, it has changed its name many times. Initially, when the constructed was finished in 1965, it was known as Apollo Hotel. In the year 1999, a middle East company leased the hotel from the Ugandan government and  managed it for the next 25 years while using the Sheraton name from the establishment .

Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala – 14 Floors

Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala

Constructed in 2007 with 14 floors, the building is located at Plot 7, Kintu Road, Kampala, Uganda.It is a member of the Imperial Hotels Group.

Stanbic Bank South Tower, Kampala – 12 Floors

Stanbic Bank South Tower, Kampala

As a result of their 2005 acquisition of Uganda Commercial Bank, Stanbic Bank Uganda relocated from The UCB House, to the Twin Tower, and now renamed it Stanbic Bank South Tower and the other; Stanbic Bank North Tower. Notice that the one previously mentioned is the North tower which contains 20 floors.

DFCU House, Kmpala – 10 Floors

DFCU House, Kmpala

The DFCU House is located at 26 Kyaddondo Road, just at the corner of Kafu Road. The construction of the building started in September 2011 and was completed by December 2013, with 10 floors altogether. Both the headquarters of The DFCU Group and the main branch of The DFCU Bank are all housed inside this building.

Rwenzori Towers, Kampala – 10 Floors

Rwenzori Towers, Kampala

Located at Nakasero Road, Kampala, The Rwenzori Towers is made up of 6 floors and the construction was completed in 2011.

Course View Towers, Kampala – 10 Floors

Course View Towers, Kampala

About US$20 million was spent in the constructing this tower. With 10 floors and enough space underground to accommodate lots of parked vehicles, the construction of this tower was completed in 2007.

Communications House, Kampala – 10 Floors

Communications House, Kampala

Located at Nakasero Kampala, this Ugandan Property belongs to the  National Social Security Fund (Uganda).

IPS Building, Kampala – 10 Floors

IPS Building, Kampala

A high-rise building of about  41.45 meters (136.0 ft) and 10 floors, the construction started in the early 1960’s and was completed in 1972. It is the property of  Industrial Promotion Services, a subsidiary of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, (AKFED).

TWED Towers, Kampala – 9 Floors


TWED Towers is located on plot 10 Kafu Road, Nakasero, Kampala City center. With 18,000 square meter of built up space and 9 floors, it was completed in 2011.

Diamond Trust Building, Kampala – 14 Floors

The Diamond Trust Building is a 14 storey high-rise building, its construction was completed in 1970. The building is used as  the head quarter of the Diamond Trust Bank Uganda.

Amamu House, Kampala – 10 Floors

Located at George Street, Kampala Uganda. Amamu House has 10 floors and is made up of mostly office spaces for rent. The construction was completed in 2001.

Having listed the tallest buildings in Kampala, we cant deny the fact that there are lots of other high-rise buildings that are currently under construction and stand to be completed soon, and when that happens, some of all these ones mentioned above will look like a child’s play compared to the ones that are being constructed.

Some of the high-rise buildings under construction in Kampala are:

Kampala Intercontinental Hotel – 34 Floors

Movement House – 27

Pension Towers – 25

Kampala Hilton Hotel – 24

Church House – 15

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