Tanzania Earthquake: 11 Dead, About 200 Injured

Authorities have said a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Tanzania on Saturday, 10th September in the afternoon.

There has however been conflicting reports on the size of the Tanzania earthquake.

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About 11 people have been confirmed dead with about 200 more injured according to the authorities.

The US Geological Survey have said the Tanzania earthquake struck Bukoba, a town near the western shore of Lake Victoria at a depth of 10km. Such shallow tremors are more powerful and cause more damage.

Tremors were also reported in parts of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda that share the waters of Lake Victoria with Tanzania.

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Images posted on social media and show collapsed brick homes and houses significantly damaged.


Residents of the area are helping the injured victims and searching through the town for other survivors.

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East Africa’s Great Rift Valley runs along a geological fault line but major earthquakes there are rare.

A magnitude six quake struck the Tanzanian town of Arusha, east of Bukoba, in July 2007.