6 Classic Tanzania Movies You Definitely Need to See

For most of you, knowing about Hollywood films is nothing new. You may also know a lot of other foreign flicks like those in Bollywood and Nollywood. But elsewhere in the world is a film industry just as impressive as those mentioned, yet much more unbeknown to many of us — Swahiliwood of Bongo Cinema: Tanzania Movies Industry.

Swahiliwood or the Bongo Cinema has been around for a decade now, producing films at par with hugely acclaimed films from other countries. In fact, Tanzania movies are getting international recognition now, gaining more popularity in countries in east and central Africa. So, to introduce you to some of Tanzania’s best Movies, here are some of the top Tanzania movies you definitely need to see in no particular order.

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Swahiliwood: Top Tanzania Movies You Definitely Need to See

Darwin’s Nightmare

Darwin’s Nightmare is a European-produced documentary filmed in 2004 and 2006 that has been nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature at the 78th Academy Awards. The film shows the environmental and social effects of the fishing industry in the country. Having known this, the Tanzanian government tried to ban the movie as it presents the government negatively. However, the movie aims to show the negative effect of this industry as a whole. This masterpiece is one of the many films that prove that films are mediums of information and change.