10 Famous Tanzanian Celebrities You’ve Never Heard of

Tanzania is one of those countries in East Africa that is filled with immerse talent from musicians, actors, actresses, entrepreneurs and much more. Below are 10 famous Tanzanian celebrities who are causing storms not only in the country but around the globe:

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10 Popular Tanzanian Celebrities That Imprint their Lives on Yours

 1. Diamond the Platinum

Diamond the Platinum - famous tanzanian celebrities

This is a famous Tanzanian musician who is known for producing hit after hit. He is one of the highest paid musicians in the country. He is currently on top of numerous music shows and has performances in different parts of the world having shared a stage with international artists like Ludacris and Rick Ross. He also owns a number of assets in the country.

2. Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa Mdee - Tanzanian celebrities

This is a famous and professional DJ who has worked for MTV Tanzania. She is a young and talented beautiful lady who has created a name for herself in the whole of Africa as well as the world. She is also a musician who has released a couple of songs that are already causing ripples on the airwaves with top-notch videos that keep her fans glued to the screen.

3. Ivon Cheryl aka Monalisa

Ivon Cheryl aka Monalisa

she is one of the most talented actresses in Tanzania one of the reason she makes it on the 10 famous Tanzanian celebrities. She has appeared in a couple of films and has also won numerous awards including the best pan African actress. She has a natural talent for acting and always brings out her role in a perfect manner making her one of the most sought after models in the industries.

4. Vincent Kigosi

Vincent Kigosi

He is one of the leading heroes in the Tanzanian film industry. He is not only an actor but has also directed and produced several movies that have attracted huge audience in the country. His work is known all over the industry as his pieces always move like hot cakes.