Tanzanian Student Stripped And Beaten In Bengaluru, India.

An insensitive mob grew angry and let their fierceness rain on a 21 year-old Tanzanian girl in what seems like a racially motivated attack.

The ferocious mob beat and forcefully undressed the Tanzania girl, subjecting her to walk naked around the streets of Bengaluru in India on Sunday.

The incident has been heavily slammed and termed “provoked by the colour of her skin.”

The action of the aggressive and inhuman mob has not only gained wide criticisms, it has also caused an outrage on social media.

Student leaders and India’s government officials have severely slammed the incident. Expressing deep regret and frown at the heartbreaking incident, the country’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted.

We are deeply pained over the shameful incident with a Tanzanian girl in Bengaluru.

The insane action by the mob was reportedly as a result of car accident. It is alleged that the mob was enraged after a car driven by a Sudanese student clashed and murdered a 35-year-old local.

The Sudanese man’s car was stopped and caused to start burning. The victim had the misfortune of being in the car driven by a Sudanese man who had caused a fatal traffic accident earlier with four other students.

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The mob pulled the passengers out from the car and then assaulted the girl. Probably because they were all Africans, though not necessarily from the same country.

She spoke to Times of India, saying:

They pushed me around and hit me. I was wearing a T-shirt. They tugged at it and tore it, leaving me literally without anything. They continued to thrash us and we ran for our lives. My friends and I hopped onto a bus.

The driver didn’t move and the other passengers threw us out. We were at the mob’s mercy. A passerby who offered me a T-shirt was also attacked. They thrashed us again till we took shelter near some shops.

While narrating her ordeal, she said some policemen couldn’t save them during the attack, even though a complaint was lodged at one of the police stations.. She also said she now lives in fear of the nationals of India after her predicament.

Quoting her:

We are now scared of every Indian around us after what happened to me,” the 21-year-old student of a city college told mediapersons at Sapthagiri Hospital, where she was taken for a medical test by police.

A leader of the Tanzanian association revealed she rushed to the police station with some friends of hers to report the incident and to get help to take one of their own who was wounded to hospital, but thy clearly declined to help or take their complaint.

According to her:

We went to seek for help to our injured compatriots to hospital. They plainly refused to come to our help or accept our complaint. Police already had one of our fellow nationals who was in no way connected to the accident in their custody. A policeman told us that ‘you all look alike and your fellow national will be set free only if you bring the guilty African car driver.

The police, who were present during the Tanzania student’s attack have been accused of failure to respond promptly to the matter, and for only taking the girl’s statement three days after the assault.

So far, four people accused of the assault have been seized by the authority and a criminal case has been opened.

Reports also say the Tanzanian High Commission has demanded for detailed information on the matter, to be passed to the Indian government.

Source: Times of India