Technical And Vocational Training Authority Shuts Down 13 Mid-Level Colleges

In a bid to ensure that the quality of training given to students of training colleges is standard and up to the par, the technical and vocational training authority has gone on the rampage and succeeded in fishing out and closing down 13 mid-level colleges which are considered illegal and not quite up to the standard.

The rampage which lasted for three days yielded the expected result and has cleansed the system.

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The Technical And Vocational Training Authority revealed that before they went on the cleanse, it had notices had been issued severally which instructed institutions who had been accredited to apply and get approval according to the TVETA Act of 2013.

In light of this, Director-General of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority Kipkirui Langat made it quite clear that all of the 13 institutions that got shut down were those who turned deaf ears to the authority. He added that the rampage will show how serious they are about the quality of training they want for students as well as restore order to the sector.

“The closure was done because it had come to the attention of the authority that a number of institutions were yet to comply with the law.”

He said they had received complaints about some of the institutions and decided to act on the complaints. Most of the complaints had come from the public as well as from prospective employers.

Here is a list of the institutions that have been shut down. 

  • Pinnacle Business School Technical Institute
  • Summit Institute of Professionals
  • Regional Institute of Business Management
  • Bell Institute of Technology
  • Bonjour Institute
  • Cefored Institute of Relief and Development
  • Crownways Institute
  • East African College
  • Royal College of Science and Technology, Ruiru
  • Kericho Technical Institute
  • Vihomi College, Kisumu
  • Patana Institute, Mombasa

Other than the 13 colleges that were shut down, the Technical And Vocational Training Authority also refused to accredit 74 other institutions as they did not meet the minimum requirement of 1500 enrolled students.

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During the inspection also, the lab program of 12 colleges was revoked when the Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board found that they were lacking certain crucial tools and equipment as well as safety gears. Noting this with dismay, Board chairman Abel Onyango said colleges were banned from offering courses because they lacked teachers.

Finally, Abel said they cared about the kind of training students were given and they would want the sector to produce impeccable students that can compete anywhere in the world and can give their best at boosting the economy and the health sector when they are employed.