Busia County

A teenager in Teso South constituency of Busia county has reportedly defiled an unsuspecting toddler.

The 15-year-old standard six boy lured the 5-year-old nursery school girl to a nearby river where he committed the dastardly act.

People who commit sexual violence often target people who lack power as well as other factors as was the case here.

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It is horrifying to understand the trauma that the little girl went through as she screamed and alerted people around the area who rushed to her aid.

Different studies have tried to pinpoint the real reasons for rape. Sexual fulfillment is the prominent reason rather than a desire to dominate the victim as I would suspect is also the case here.

The victim’s father looked dejected coming to terms with the fact that his daughter was a victim. He called on the police to intervene and bring justice to his family.

“Passersby heard the girl screaming along the river and when they rushed there, they found the boy in the act. He managed to flee but witnesses were able to identify him.”

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Rape has a direct correlation with the abuse of alcohol which has been a recurring problem in Busia County and other regions.

It has been barely two weeks since an 18-year-old boy allegedly raped a 70-year-old woman in the same area after they were both drunk.

Women and men of all ages drink themselves to stupor at pubs in the area till late at night, of which residents have complained of the noise and nuisance it causes.

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Teso South MP Mary Emase is trying to address the problem through awareness campaigns in churches and other public forums.

A proposal to ban discos at funerals has been made and laws to curtail alcoholism introduced.