Equitorial Guinea President Appoints Son Teodoro As VP

Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang’ Nguema has appointed his son Teodoro ‘Teodorin’ Obiang Mangue as the country’s vice-president.

This means that his son,  Teodoro ‘Teodorin’ Obiang, is now the second highest person in the country, second only to his father, the president. The ruler of the tiny oil-rich nation, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, made the announcement on Wednesday.


Teodoro ‘Teodorin’ Obiang, the new VP is wanted in France on suspicion of embezzlement, corruption and stealing public funds and French prosecutors have been calling for his trial.

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Teodorin has been second vice-president before his latest appointment since the country’s constitution gave room for the existence of two Vice Presidents, who are appointed by the President of Equatorial Guinea.

But the new government shelved the structure, abolishing the second VP position, with uncertainty coming into view over who will be the country’s prime minister.

A Brazilian newspaper the Terra Brasil was also quoted as saying the President’s first son will also be in charge of Defense and National Security ministry, reports Africa Review.

On that note, the former Vice-President Ignacio Milantais now chairs State Council and is also the new presidential adviser. Many have questioned if the old president is preparing grounds for his son to take over from him when he steps down, which is very likely.

Teodoro ‘Teodorin’ Obiang appointed VP by father

Teodoro ‘Teodorin’ Obiang’s appointment comes after the formation of a new government after his father was elected president in April this year.

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President Nguema was re-elected with 93.7 per cent vote, extending his 36-year rule. And as such remains Africa’s longest-serving leader. He has ruled the former Spanish colony since 1979 when he ousted his uncle in a military coup.

Obiang, who seized power in a military coup in 1979 is currently Africa’s longest-serving leader.

This is a common practice in Africa and it goes to shows just how deeply or rather fabulously corrupt the continent’s leaders are. More proof of corruption is the fact that with all the natural resources the continent is endowed with, the countries in it are yet to be tagged advanced. Reasons being that the resources are enriching particular groups, classes and families.

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Just recently, barely a month ago, Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos appointed his eldest daughter, Isabel dos Santos, the head of state oil firm Sonangol.

And before the appointment, the president sacked the entire Sonangol board – probably those who might react against him- and then appointed a new one. Angola is now Africa’s biggest oil producer since militant attacks have reduced Nigeria’s production.

The president of the country Mr dos Santos has been accused of mismanaging Angola’s oil wealth and making the elite, mostly his family and political allies, vastly rich. His country was recently named as one of the most corrupt countries in the continent with Transparency International (TI) which uses a Global Corruption Barometer naming it the 8th  in the continent.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni also, after the long disputed election said to be rigged, appointed a new cabinet of 80 ministers, making his wife, First Lady Janet Museveni, the Education and Sports Minister.