Terror Group Linked Medical Students Arrested in Malindi

Two suspected terror group-linked medical students have been arrested in Malindi by the anti-terrorism police unit officers.

The pair were arrested on Sunday night after being accused of having links to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

They were said to be in the process of acquiring fake documents to help facilitate their escape to Puntland, Somalia where an ISIL cell operating under Sheikh Muumin exists.

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Terror Group-Linked Medical Students

Detectives revealed that the pair studied medicine at Saratov State Medical University, Russia.

One of the suspects, Mohamed Shukri Yerrow is a medical intern at Malindi Sub-County hospital. His counterpart identified as Abdulrazak Abdinuur is believed to be part of the ISIL recruiting network.

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The police also revealed that the terror group-linked medical students had been under police watch though they evaded police dragnet.

This comes two months after another medical Intern, Mohamed Ali Abdi, was arrested in Wote hospital Makueni County, for conducting clandestine online recruitment to ISIL.

Terror Group-Linked Medical Students

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet acknowledged the growing concern that terror groups are targeting young Kenyan graduates for recruitment.

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Students are lured into joining the terror group by online recruiters who promise high paying jobs, and there has been an increase of university students dropping out to join extremist groups in Libya and the Middle East.

The police have however intensified investigations to unearth the syndicate behind it.

In a separate incident yesterday, anti-terrorism police officers arrested five people including members of the Kenya Forces trying to sell explosives in Nairobi.

The arrested party tried to sell the materials to undercover detectives at a residential estate.

With the sudden rise in the use of IED’s by Somali militants, a multi-agency security team has been put together to investigate and establish the source of the explosives.