Tetanus Vaccines And Infertility

National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate Raila Odinga is claiming to have found a correlation between the 2014/15 Ministry of Health tetanus vaccines and infertility.

Mr. Odinga said thousands of Kenyan women could no longer bear children after receiving the controversial vaccinations. He cited laboratory results which show that a hormone responsible for causing infertility was found in the blood of women who received the shots.

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He said the alleged laboratory results were obtained from the laboratories of four organizations; Agriquest, Nairobi hospital, the University of Nairobi and Lancet Kenya. Each result showed varying amounts of the hormone in individuals that were tested.

This claim now backs those of Kenyan Catholic bishops who pointed out a possible correlation between the tetanus vaccines and infertility.

They waged a campaign against the vaccine when the Ministry of Health was administering it, saying the shots were contaminated with BHCG Hormone, a substance responsible for infertility in women.

“We are saying the Catholic Church was right. The tetanus vaccination was a targeted mass sterilization program. Thousands of women are now sterile unless measures to undo,” said Odinga.

The Catholic church leaders argued that there was no tetanus crisis in the country, therefore making it unnecessary for the government to undertake a sterilization program that specifically targeted women aged between 15 and 49.

In order to resolve the impasse, the bishops and the ministry of health formed a joint commission which submitted samples of the vaccine for testing.

Three out of a total of 59 vials of the vaccine was found to have been contaminated by the hormone although it was later revealed that the contaminated vials had been tampered with by the bishops earlier on.

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Raila is, however, now demanding that the government provide a list of all the women who were vaccinated during that period.

He then used the opportunity to promise to constitute a task force that will look into the matter if he wins the October 17 repeat presidential elections.

The Ministry of Health has, meanwhile, denied any wrongdoing in the case.