Meet The Man With The Very Unusual Skill Of Opening A Beer Bottle With His Buttocks

Talent as they say is God’s gift to you although there are talents and there are extra-ordinary talents! Yes we see talents nearly everywhere but a rare and unusual talent can be seen in extra-ordinary places and in extra-ordinary humans. And this is where this very remarkably talented man comes in. Just picture a situation whereby you find yourself in the mist of friends and you need to quench your thirst but you couldn’t find an opener. In this kind of situation many would probably opt for the most obvious way of using the edge of the table or your teeth right?

But a related situation sprang up  somewhere and guess what a party goer did? He surprised his thirsty friends  when he displayed a rather unusual skill of opening a beer a bottle with his buttocks.

Don’t be shocked, somebody actually did that. Doubt it? See the funny video he uploaded a fortnight ago on how he  how he did. The forty-one second clip has over 1 million views since its upload date on the 19th of January:

The young party lover placed the beer bottle between his buttocks, tightly squeezed the two bum cheeks, and when he pulled out the bottle, voila-the top flicked off. Completely humorous or disgusting; it all borders on how you see the same scenario.He then went on to share the drink with his thirsty friends who were grinning uncontrollably. What!

Don’t you think this needs to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for extra-ordinary talent and effort.

Now, the big question is: If you were to be there, would you have shared in the drink from the bottle after knowing where it’s been?

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