The Most Stunning News Presenter In Kenya Discloses Her Real Age -You Would Not Believe It

We have seen celebrities lie about their ages when asked their age. Of course, some decline the questions trying to make some reservations for their personal lives while some others confess their ages in a complete plain manner. Kamene came out clean to let the world know her real age. Guess what? She is a very young woman. We only hope she is not among those female celebrities who knock off a few years from their ages just to get ahead of their career and game. Oh yea we are quite aware that women generally don’t ever let out their real ages, but we believe you Kamene.

And if you wondering why we believed her that easily, now here is why. We do know that Kamene Goro is among the prettiest news anchor in Kenya and also among the straight talkers. Although somethings about her personal life including her age has been a big puzzle until now, she comes out clean when asked about them. So no more putting it so wrong guessing her age, she herself has made it public. Yea, the most beautiful and glowing face ever to grace Kenyan screens anchoring news has made public her real age. Just overlook her talent, Kamene Goro who always anchors into the hearts of the country’s viewers with her wonderous beauty is very young for her achievements. It might come as a heavy surprise to you, you just need to embrace it because it is the truth…She is unbelievably coasting in her 20s

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No wonder anytime you stare at  Kamene Goro’s glowing elegance, you can’t comprehend why God took much time while perfectly modeling her. Some might say it is just unfair to have all that beauty in a single being, really while some think she is absolutely beautiful for her age, perhaps thought she was older. Now believe it or not all that alluring beauty and talent Kamene has only turned 23 years.

Doubting? The beauty being was born in 1992 when Kenya was returning to multiparty democracy and South Africa was only 2 years old. Surprised? you shouldnt be because she look it anyway. In fact, she looks young and she is very young too yet she has gained so much from the best of life offers!

Unlike all those celebrities you know who always decline discussions focusing on their age and have turned such discussions into feared deadly virus, this beauty news presenter, Kamene had no reservation when it comes to revealing how old she is.  According to her, age is nothing but a number after all!

Now, let me officially wish her a glowing, amazing and awesome new age on behalf of myself and my wonderful collegues……may she live not only to see vision 2030 come to pass, but also see more good things life can offer.

You can watch the photos of the angelic lady below:

Well Created lady right?


She knows just when to laugh …smile on queen!


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