The Most Unsafe Places In Nairobi – You Really Need To See This Video

It’s now trouble-free than ever to explore distant locations around the world. But always keep in mind especially when you are about to visit other places that some places, however, are best avoided due to dangerous conditions. Although, certain unsafe places, on the other hand, are also preferable tourist destinations, but you just have to make adequate inquiries to find out the highly risky places to be avoided in such destinations and measures to be taken. Of course, if you do make up your mind to visit such places, you should at the very least be aware of the risks and take sensible precautions. Now Speaking of Nairobi, incase you decide to explore the city,  here are the most dangerous spots in the beautiful city.

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Following the release of Nairobi Metropolitan Crime Observatory Report which lists some of the crime places in Nairobi as carried out by the Security Research and Information Centre last year, mpasho decided to carry out their own research work . Of course because more concrete information is needed, they headed to the outlined dangerous spots in Nairobi to get some findings whether any actions had been taken to ensure these areas were any safer.

The first place they got to was in Kibera Slums in an area known as Katwekera (Deep inside the slum). This area was usually referred to as the most dangerous place in Nairobi. In order to elicit adequate information concerning the area from the right people with sufficient experience, mpasho considered talking to a reformed criminal, area head of police and a resident. As luck would have it, they were ready to let it out. The information they got from these people indicates that the rate of crime in the area had greatly declined because National Youth Service (NYS) offers had been deployed in the area.


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Some of the areas which are said to be quite dangerous in Nairobi include; Dandora, Kayole, Mathare, Kileleshwa, Githurai, Huruma and Korogocho which is reportedly the worst of them all.

Here is a list of areas in Nairobi CBD,  which are considered dangerous:


1. Grogan: It is most probably that you might get attacked or robbed in this area, so take a sensible precaution when visiting this area.

2. Nyamakima: In this area, it is quite possible that you will get mugged if adequate care is not taken.

3. Around Globe Cinema – You might experience mugging, snatching and breaking of car parts.

4. Kirinyaga Road – Careful when exploring this area because you might experience mugging and snatching of handbags and phones

5. Ambassadeur – Mugging (late night) and snatching (anytime)

6. Ronald Ngala Street – Snatching

7. Muthurwa (Show number 8) – Mugging and snatching

8.Uhuru Highway – Breaking of side mirrors and snatching

9. OTC -Mugging and snatching

But Nairobi Area OCPD, Paul Wanjama insists that they have deployed enough officers in those areas, so they are no longer any unsafe places in the CBD.

Watch the video below to see for yourself.

Source: Mpasho

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