three schools caught in Nakuru with lover school girls

Three underage school girls have been saved by Police in Nakuru who have spent three nights at a man’s place.

The police having been informed by a worried citizen stormed the man’s residence at Mwariki estate on Wednesday afternoon rescuing the underage girls.

Mwariki – A sub-location assistant chief Mr Joseph Macharia said neighbours came to his desk to lay complaints about a man living with three strange schoolgirls in school uniforms.

The girls aged between 16 and 17 had crawled out of the school using a false permits. They visited Mr Job Ochieng, a flower trader in Nakuru town and cohabited with him for three days.

Detained at Bondeni Police Station, the girls claim the school authority asked them to leave school for their school fees arrears.

The parents of the girls were called by the police for identification. On getting to the scene, one mother could not control her agony as she passed out on seeing that her daughter is among the girls.

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The parents of the other two got furious and pushed forward to rain blows on the girls – an attempt police were forced to block.

The man revealed that he has been dating one of the three school girls but invited the three for a treat. He said his girlfriend has always sneaked out of the school to see him in his house.

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According to him, it is not uncommon in the area to see men living with children in relationships with them.

Fulminating the school’s security negligence and failure, the chief said the school’s management needs to step up in its work. Especially since the girls used a photocopy leave out sheet that had not been signed by any teacher.

He also discredited the school for not noticing the absence of the girls in its care until a neighbour with morals had to give police a tip-off.

See the video below.

(Video Source: Nairobi news)