Three Thugs Lynched By Mob After Failed Robbery In Nairobi

A mob of angry and furious people rounded three thugs suspected of being robbers and lynched them after their attempt to rob in Gachie area, Nairobi, on Tuesday failed.

According to a statement released by the Police, the suspects, who were on a motorcycle, had attempted to grab cash and valuables from a woman when she raised the alarm. A large crowd of people responded and murdered the suspects. The bodies were taken to City Mortuary and an officer said investigations have been launched to find out more about the lynching.

Earlier this year, Kennedy Mukundi, 20, was lynched on by an angry mob in Manyatta village for allegedly raping a single woman, 50, old enough to be his mother.

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Last month, two men were killed and three others injured by gangsters in an incident in Nairobi’s Umoja 2 estate on March 5. Among those who were murdered was 32-year-old Geoffrey Munda, a driver at City Hoppa bus services.

Munda discovered the three thugs had broken into an M-Pesa shop near his house when he returned from work that day. The second man was killed while he was leaving for work. The man who was on the phone was misunderstood by the attackers to be calling the police.

The visibly mobs reacted to the offence without a legal trial, insisting that such response will deter other robbers from coming to the area while curbing the rate of crime. But this is not legal and appropriate for an advancing country.

On the good side, many Kenyans have described the murder of the three thugs as extrajudicial killing, suggesting that the suspects should have been headed to the police station when they were caught. Some even said there is no acceptable evidence to prove or justify that those men were criminals and as such they should not have been killed.

They urged the government to frown at vigilante ‘justice’, by the masses or the security forces, in the society for it to survive. One user said it could be possible that the woman raised an alarm for mob ‘justice’ over a different issue that is not really a robbery case.

The same user referenced slave days, when many innocent black men were lynched in USA after a woman raised an alarm or made a malicious accusation.

While some of us get furious at offenders especially ones who take their crimes in the extreme, it is right to take such people to the police station for justice to be served rightly.

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