Tony Gachoka

The unsavory lifestyle of controversial political analyst Tony Gachoka is turning heads as family members reveal he is a domestic abuser among other things.

According to The Nairobian, the former aide to Prime Minister Raila Odinga is a drunkard who beats up his wife and has left his children to suffer. Family members say the deeply flawed, tragic and drunken person is being protected by the high-octane political persona in which he exudes.

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Relatives say Gachoka, who once appeared on Jeff Koinange Live drunk, batters his wife, Priscilla, in front of the children. The beatings were said to have started when the children were toddlers and have continued up until today.

Tony Gachoka

“The wife has never gone to the police to report the case of gender violence. She is so much in love with him that even after a severe beating, she will still try to please him,” said one of the relatives to The Nairobian.

“Right now she was kicked out, but she is still desperately clinging to the hope that she will be invited back to her matrimonial home.”

The relatives also revealed that Tony Gachoka on one occasion arrived at his Kileleshwa home around 3 am in the company of two women and dragged his wife out of bed. When she resisted, he beat her and threw her out of the bedroom as the two young and drunk girls laughed.

“The worst bit about this is that the children were woken up by the noise and they watched the indignity of their mother being thrown out of her bedroom, to accommodate two young girls, who were probably the age of Gachoka’s first born daughter.”

He is said to have permanently thrown out his wife and children in 2016 from the family home and rented a one room servant quarters for them in Kilimani.

“We just had to come out as a family and decide to let the world know about issues affecting this man. He is danger to himself and to his family. His children are all either going through depression or having suicidal thoughts.”

The report says that his second born son suffered a breakdown and tried to commit suicide at a students hostel along Thika Road in January. The young man reportedly started shouting and asking for someone to save them from their father.

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Good Samaritans took him to a hospital nearby where he was diagnosed with depression. Hospital records show the young man was held for a week before he got better and was discharged to his mother.

Tony Gachoka never visited his son in hospital with his bills being footed by the young man’s friends and relatives as he posted on Social Media about his new one of a kind Mercedes coupe.

“All we want is for the first born daughter to get a job, a job that her father can’t interfere with, because she has been fired from previous jobs when Gachoka starts threatening her employers. If she can get a job, then she will be able to take care of her mother and brother.”

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