Top 10 Kenyan Apps Every Techie Must Have

We are beginning to see Kenya boom in the area of Information Technology (IT) boom as it relates to the mobile app subsectors. We are beginning to see new and powerful mobile and web applications being launched to meet a specific need for Smartphone and Tablet PC users almost on daily basis.  Without a doubt, part of what has contributed to this increase in the demand for apps is the infiltration of affordable mobile devices in the Kenyan market. Kenya continues to produce some of the best mobile applications in the region, some of which have actually found their way beyond the borders of Africa. Of course the good thing is that these applications are not just the best but they are also the most awesome. Something you should have on your mobile……so don’t miss out!

Here are the Top 10 Kenyan Apps Every Techie Must Have

1. MedAfrica

Developed by Shimba technologies, MedAfrica is dedicated to taking healthcare services as close as possible to the common man.It has a robust medical library from where you can get certified information on doctors, locate nearby hospitals, and monitor the signs and symptoms of various medical conditions. The application also has information on recommended diets and drugs for specific medical conditions.


2. Africa Travel Guide

Africa travel guide

Africa Travel Guide is a mobile application designed to give you comprehensive tourist information for over one thousand travel destinations in Africa. It is loaded with information on culture, history, sights, hotels & restaurants, bars, entertainment, nightlife and transportation to name just a few. The good news is that it’s an offline application so you do not have to be online to access all this information. Some of major destinations covered by Africa Travel Guide include Accra, Addis Ababa, and Mombasa among others.

3. M-Farm

As a “business solution for agriculture,” M-Farm is all about connecting farmers, enabling them to share ideas and consequently enhancing flow of goods and services. It enhances operational efficiency by allowing agricultural groups and organisations to serve their members who are usually distributed over space. The application can help with production & purchase planning, broadcasting alert messages via SMS and estimating cost of production.

4. My Social Media

My Social Media

My social media offers you a voice alert whenever you have a notification on any of the major social media platforms. This means you don’t have to always stare at your phone waiting to respond to a notification. It may seem not useful until you take a look at how many hours you spend doing nothing on Facebook or twitter. With My Social Media app, once you have updated your profile, you can log out and return only when you have a notification to respond to.

5. Olalashe


Olalashe is a Maasai word for brother. The application itself is a brotherly geo-alert tracking system that enables you to communicate your location in times of distress. It makes use of a widget that makes it possible to automatically send your location and a pre-set message to a list of contacts (also pre-set). When you find yourself in trouble, simply press a button on your mobile device and the information will be sent to the pre-selected contacts. Olalashe is a FREE app from Capefield. Download it here: