Top 10 Most Outstanding Universities in Kenya

Kenya is a country whose residents are thirsty for quality education. A number of institutions for higher learning have strategically positioned themselves to serve this need. The country has a total of 48 universities. Among them, 22 are government-funded (Public universities), 14 are Chartered Private universities in addition to 12 universities that operate with a Letter of Interim Authority (LIA). The criterion for picking the best universities includes online presence, research, publishing as well as authority to rank among the best universities in Africa as well as across the world.

A Closer Look at Top 10 Best Universities in Kenya

1. University of Nairobi

Founded as the Royal Technical College, in 1956, the University of Nairobi remained the only institution of higher learning in Kenya to a certain extent for a long time. Nairobi is the lasted university in Kenya. The university has a record of producing the best professionals in their fields of expertise. The proof is in the numerous achievements in research, teaching, along with development.

university_of_nairobi - Top 10 Universities in Kenya

2. Kenyatta University

The second lasted university in Kenya, Kenyatta University was established in 1965. In the present day, the university is positioned in Nairobi. The institution boasts of the highest achievement in the midst of the learning delight of Kenya.