Top 11 Most Crazy Photos And Videos From Kenyan Events Of 2015

Ratchetness and nasty are the two words that don’t ever miss out on any Kenyan event. This means that these two are to parties what salt and pepper are to food. Event attenders have so accustomed themselves with them that they are no longer a surprise. In fact it’s pretty difficult to attend an event particularly an outdoor event and not be treated to a shocking level of craziness. One of the events which rules them all is the Masaku 7s as this event has seen and enjoyed some of the highest level of ratchetness.

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And 2015 isn’t any different from the rest of the past years in terms of ratcheness. 2015 was mega, great and visibly ratchet! So as the year is already coming to a happy ending, we want to take a moment to acknowledge some of the most ratchet fellas of 2015 who made 2015 patently ratchet.  The people who know the real meaning of “Yolo”, and went all out to show that your opinion about their lifestyles does not count.

Frankly, coming up with this list was a challenging task considering that this years’ saw a lot of ratchets. But, these 11 Most Ratchet Photos And Videos From Kenyan Events of 2015 represent the most embarrassing/inappropriate moments at Kenyan event and were selected for being exceptional and out of this world. As you check them out below, have a ratchet holiday.


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