Top 50+ Most Innovative Kenyan Companies to Follow

The most innovative startups in Kenya are diverse, leading in industries ranging from Technology to Social Media, Entertainment, News and Content, to Education, Analytics, E-commerce, Design, Food, Hardware, Healthcare, Commerce, Sports, Finance, Marketing, Open source software and retail.

What all the 50+ companies we’ve listed share in common is the desire to keep innovating. Inside these companies, big ideas and innovation is anything but passive. Kenya’s startup scene is thriving with huge talent constantly pouring out of Kenyan universities such as Strathmore, University of Nairobi, Moi and  Kenyatta University just to name a few. It’s no wonder why Kenya has produced big-name innovative companies like Rupu, Pesapal, Soko, Ushahidi

Kenya’s economy is growing in leaps and bounds particularly the ICT sector and this is leading to more and more new companies setting up their businesses in the country.

From over 5,000 young Kenyan companies, the most innovative and promising Kenyan startups are picked by top startup experts from different categories ranging from E-commerce to online recruitment, advertising, marketing, software, mobile and more.

Some of these startups are more established, while others are just getting their footing, there are several we came across that were too stealth to be included in this list. One thing is very clear: There are undoubtedly a number of innovative startups in Kenya and all the companies we’ve listed have fresh concepts with the potential to become industry leaders.

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Kenya is chock full of startups bringing up innovation and big changes in industries, creating new business models as well as jobs and helping to reinvigorate the Kenyan economy.


We’re very excited about these companies unique products and services they offer, fervor for building great things and their visions for a better world. These are some of the innovative companies and big ideas that keep us excited about the industry, please let us know in the comments if you think we missed any. Check out the companies that make the list.

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 Most Innovative Kenyan Companies to Follow


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