Top 7 Reasons Why Kenyan University Students Love Smoking Marijuana

Weed is often considered as harmful and unwanted. Moreover, in one context, it means “a plant in the wrong place”. But university students in Kenya love weed a lot despite the fact that it is widely regarded as an undesirable substance especially in a particular situation. In fact, a lot of people can’t function effectively without weed and most of us happen to be university students. Though at a much younger age, we were told many crazy stories about weed. Parents implanted several lies into our brains about the horrible side effects of Marijuana. They told us we would run mad if we ever smoke weed. That we would hit the streets naked and crazy in search of dirt we didn’t leave on the streets. That we would feed on the dirty remains of the public.

But as we came of age, we realized that a lot of us failed to obey these rules. Most of us got ready to face the dire consequences of smoking weed to the extent that if scientists were to examine the contents of air in Kenyan universities, they would discover that the percentage of weed smoke was a lot more than oxygen. And guess what? As luck would have it, most of the people who failed to keep these rules didn’t run mad after all. Yes, most of them still haven’t experienced any bad thing. Absolutely nothing bad has come their way as a result of their smoking of marijuana. Of course tens of hundreds of campus students who depend on marijuana are yet to see the horror part of weed which our parents warned us about earlier. Perhaps they are waiting in a line to stomp the streets naked and crazy. Anyway, the big question is: Why are university students so dependent on weed?

Here Are Reasons Why Campus Students Can’t Do Without Smoking Weed:

For Rebellion:


Most campus students smoke Marijuana as a form of rebellion against authority. Moreover, the fact that parents, lecturers or other constituted authority figures are against this act, makes it even more appealing. Over the years, campus students have been revolting against constituted authority. Some of them even go beyond using marijuana to use of other harmful and illegal drugs. These campus students pride themselves in smoking weed, after all, they are not likely to get caught for it. Also, most of them think weed makes them tough and hardened before other students and so, they indulge in smoking it so people will be afraid of them.

They Want To Try Marijuana:

Since the opportunity to try marijuana presents itself to most campus students in Kenya, more and more people are now beginning to take weed.  So many campus students want to know what it is about weed that it makes all the fuss in the world. They want to know what weed is really made of and what it can to do them. Since the campus students are on the cusp of childhood and adulthood and are trying to adapt to the challenges that the latter brings, using marijuana is one way of embracing growth.

At this time they get involved in testing boundaries; exploring their identities and trying to assert themselves in a variety of changes coming their way. It is a time of raging hormones and other changes which can be confusing and difficult to deal with.

To Relieve Stress:


Campus students in Kenya also take marijuana to relieve themselves of stress, anxiety, fear, pain or anger related to personal, psychological or family issues. Of course we do know how school environment can exude stress, anxiety and the likes, so using marijuana is one way of coping with that.

Many students use weed as a means of coping with certain pressures in their lives such as exams, relationships etc. They also use it in relieving boredom, frustration, and as a means of escapism.

Moreover, it’s hard when you only have 20 bob in your pocket and you have to study for an Econometrics exam scheduled for the next morning. It’s tough when you are in one good relationship and suddenly you get dumped. Even the pain of relationship split-up is well enough to push one into taking marijuana. So, these kind of difficulties which campus students have to endure almost all the time make weed become the definite savior.


The false widely held beliefs about weed have been there for decades and led so many into taking weed. Beliefs like: you will be able to study for longer periods if you puff a stick or more weed wraps. It helps people to grasp at once what they are being taught in school. It will help people get over lectures that are being dished out by some boring lecturers. Others say it will give you immense courage to talk to any woman you meet. They even go as far as believing that it makes people last longer in bed if they smoke just a little of it. Perhaps, taking as much as possible will make one last longer than a porn star who knows? Some say once taken, it makes you gain strength from above and therefore it activates your energy level. Some say it puts money into your pocket because it invites the spirit of hustle once taken. All these beliefs rolled into one make the use of weed seem so attractive in Kenyan campuses.


Peer pressure

Peer pressure is another great cause of increase in the intake of marijuana among Kenyan campus students. It is the top reason why many within the campus environment take weed. The introduction process mostly starts during house parties. When fresh students attend their first parties as campus students, chances are that some of them agree to inhale at least a puff. Campus students try out drugs just to fit in with their peer groups as  it is seen as being cool and daring.

Being cool is putting on the right outfit, making awesome and daring hairstyles and loving the latest songs making all the trends possible at a particular time. These are also things involved in joining any group, but this additionally involves daring members to indulge in dangerous and unacceptable things. If a particular group is known for smoking weed and you join the group, you are not left with so much options than to be part of the weed puffing. This is in fact one major reason why many have seen themselves smoking weed. When once they try it out, and continue to take, they end up becoming addicted to it.

Besides that, peers have a strong desire to belong and not stand out from the rest of the crowd in this stage of life.

Ease of access

The ease with which campus students can get their weed fixed is another top reason why many of them are becoming addicted to it. There are weed sellers everywhere within the school campuses, even mini-cartels. All you are required to do is just to give a hint and they’ll come get you since they can’t sell it out in the open. Secondly, it does not cost much to have it fixed. Yea, even for as small as 20 bob, one gets one’s weed fixed. The availability of weed has played a prominent role in making it known among campus students.