Tourism In Kenya: President Uhuru Announces Incentives For Tourists

Tourism in Kenya takes an amazing turn as President Uhuru kenyatta announces incentives for tourists visiting Kenya. The reported incentive seeks to spur and spice up tourism in the country.

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This disclosure was made by President Uhuru Kenyatta while speaking at the opening of Kenya’s luxury yachting marina (English Point Marina) in Mombasa on Tuesday. The President uncovered this unparalleled tourism incentive which is expected to draw world travelers back to Kenya as the country is reportedly losing more and more tourists to its neighbors with cheaper tourist fees.

Here Are The New Charges For Tourism In Kenya, Effective From February:

Due to the latest incentive granted to travelers coming to Kenya, the current Visa fees for children under 16 will be scrapped indefinitely starting from 1st Feb 2016.

It is important to note that Kenya currently charges Sh10,200 ($100) for a multiple entry visa and Sh5,100 for single entry tourist visa. The fees apply to all visitors, including children under 16. When the incentive for tourists become effective, children under 16 will no longer have to pay anything to tour Kenya.

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Goodbye To Vat Charges

VAT charges on National Park fees will also be waived and KWS Park fees will be capped at $60 (down from $90) for the 2016/17 financial year.

The Kenya Association of Tour Operators Coast branch had asked Kenyan government to reduce park charges to at least Sh4,000 to attract more tourists to the parks, saying that the country was losing wildlife lovers to other locations with lower park entry charges such as South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

For the record, South Africa charges $50 (Sh5,100) while Tanzania and Uganda charge between $40 (Sh4,800) and $50 (Sh5,000), with Uganda charging up to $25 (Sh2,500) as their park entry fee.

Other Incentives Include:

  • The Ksh1.2bn Charter Incentive Scheme continues until 30 June 2018. This waives landing fees at Mombasa and Malindi airports for all Charter Aircraft and provides at $30.00 (thirty dollar) rebate for all disembarking tourists.
  • Expansion of JKIA and Malindi airports to handle greater numbers of visitors.
  • Construction of the Port – Reitz Mombasa Road and the Dongo – Kundu Bypass that will allow tourists to travel to the South Coast (Diani) without using the ferry.
  • Kenya Ferry Service to buy and operate two new ferries for the Likoni Channel crossing.

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