Meet The Traffic Cop Who Can’t Explain How She Made Extra Sh5 million

A traffic police officer identified as Susan Wangari could not explain how she made the extra massive income she deposited on different occasions into her account. 

While she was being questioned, the woman tried to answer in Kiswahili, but the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) refused to give her the chance to address the vetting board in any language other than English.

The Ahero Kisumu county based Corporal appealed to Commission chair Johnston Kavuludi to let her address them in Kiswahili, but the commissioner chair declined insisting she must use English.

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The drama began when Susan Wangari, responded to Commissioner Mary Owuor in Kiswahili and interjected with: “Can you communicate in Kiswahili?” However, Owuor answered, “I am not very good in Kiswahili.”

Kavuludi then went through Wangari’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and was shocked to realise that, “Susan Wangari Kamau scored B plain in English and had a C plus in Kiswahili in 2005 KCSE examination.

In disbelief, Kavuludi said he obtained his KCSE in 1970 and speaks English well and as such, Wangari ought to be better at English than Kiswahili, unless she wasn’t the one who wrote the exam.

Quoting Kavuludi.

“You are a superior English speaker, and you have the best grade in that language among the officers who have appeared before this vetting panel”.

Wangari then began speaking in English but still couldn’t offer a plausible explanation as to how she got the Sh5 million she deposited in her bank account especially since she receives only Sh40,000 as her salary.

According to Susan Wangri, she deals in different wares including vitenge, bed-sheets and lesos to supplement her income.

It was also found that Susan Wangari, who has three bank accounts, increasingly deposited money at her Kenya Commercial Bank account, but her assets were estimated far below the money she had deposited within the period.

According to the records, the officer had made deposits of Sh87,000 in August, Sh106,000 in September, Sh194,000 in October, Sh102,000 in November and Sh120,000 in December of 2013.

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Wangari who was not able to present any valid document to prove the source of the money, insisted that her small businesses gave her the extra cash.

“My husband lives in Taita and has been buying goods which I sell in my working station and its environs. I make good money towards Christmas holiday,”explained Wangari.

Susan Wangari was then asked by the panel to re-evaluate her assets in a new wealth declaration form as the document she presented to the commission was not falsified.

Though she was later allowed to address the panel in Kiswahili, her matter will be looked into, the panel says.

The NPSC is set to vet 204 traffic police officers from Nyanza and 174 others from Western. Some officers have lost their jobs for not complying with the vetting procedures.