Government Cars Rebelling Against Traffic Rules Targeted In Clampdown

Kenyan government has ordered traffic police officers to seize or take into custody all vehicles including government vehicles defying rules, without fear or favour.

Nairobi Traffic Commandant Leonard Katana said the the law will be evenly applied as anybody who refuses to obey traffic rule will be punished.

“We all need to follow the law. The law will not be applied selectively and we will take stern action against anyone breaking them,” he stated.

He added that all vehicles including ones belonging to Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, parastatal bosses and even county bosses are to be confiscated if they rebel against the rule.

He indicated that that they have been receiving complaints of how drivers of some of such vehicles overlap and cause accidents without being punished, hence the need for action. He said:

“The highway code must be followed to the letter. It doesn’t matter who you are. If we find you breaking the law, we will deal with you accordingly.”

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He pointed out that the only vehicles allowed to overlap in case of traffic jams are ambulances and police cars responding to emergencies.

Aside from the law, government has made car registration a lot more easier than what it used to be by introducing an automated system to be launched today.

traffic police officers

The paperless system which National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) has introduced will help the taxman collect up to 70 per cent of revenue.

Prior to this time, it takes about 30 days to obtain a logbook but now with the new system under the Sh800 million Transport Infrastructure Management System, people can now acquire it in less than 15 minutes.

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This follows successful piloting among motorcycle dealers, which has been on course since January when 6,792 boda bodas were registered. A similar system has now been introduced for vehicles.

As of yet, more than ten motorcycle dealers have been registered. An average of 2,000 registrations can be done in a week. Mr Fernando Wangila, who is in charge of ICT at NTSA noted that apart from taking too long, manual registration is also prone to manipulation.

According to Wangila:

“Registration of new motor vehicles will begin on Monday (today) and we will start with dealers. Afterwards, all other individual vehicle registrations will be opened. Once registration of new vehicles is in full gear, registration for second-hand cars will start.

“Judiciary and the police will also use the system to combat crime as it will enable them to ascertain the validity of a licence. This will eliminate fraud and corruption, provide a single source of information on road transport data, better compliance with traffic rules and enforcement, and improve access and security to information relevant to the transport sector.”

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has also signed an agreement with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) that will see the officers seconded.

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Mr Boinnet said the move will help achieve the common objective of a safe, reliable, efficient transport system and proper enforcement of traffic laws.

The force said it will second the move by NTSA with 200 police officers.