Trafficking Group Busted – Heroine Worth KSH 15 Million Discovered

A trafficking group, comprising of a Kenyan and two Tanzanians, was arrested over the weekend with more than five kilograms of heroin valued at KSh 15 million discovered.

The Tanzanian couple were intercepted by officers at Mlolongo along Mombasa road. They crossed into Kenya through the Namanga border from Arusha and were heading to Nairobi.

Trafficking Group

The couple then led police officers to a residence in Muthaiga North estate where a Kenyan lady said to be their local agent was arrested.

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After further interrogation, the lady led the officers from Special Crimes Prevention Unit to a house in Umuoja estate. They recovered about 4000 sachet of heroin valued around KSh 9 million.

The officers said the group had everything in place to start distribution before apprehension.

This discovery by the police comes as President Kenyatta is making new establishments to fight drug traffickers.

The President said corruption and smuggling of drugs through the port of Mombasa is threatening the port’s existence which is very critical to Kenya’s economy.

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In July, Cargo suspected to be cocaine worth around KSh 360 million was seized at the Mombasa port. The shipment was meant to be delivered to a well known drug baron operating within Kenya and Tanzania.

Trafficking Group

He announced on Saturday that a special police unit was established to deal with corruption and illicit trafficking of cargo and drugs at the port of Mombasa.

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Uhuru accused unsavory businessmen of colluding with government officials in the police, ports authority and revenue authority to smuggle contraband, drugs and divert transit cargo.

He promised to fully prosecute corrupt government officials who are found to cost Kenya millions in revenue.