Transitional Government of National Unity

South Sudanese Transitional Government of National Unity has appealed to the United Nations to reconsider its decision to relieve Lieutenant General Johnson Kimani Ondieki as commander of the UN peacekeeping force.

The transitional government said, through its South Sudan spokesman Michael Makuei Lueth, that it recognises and appreciates Kenya’s role in the peace process of the war-torn country.

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They urged the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to consult appropriately with the Kenyan government in order to resolve the matter and also create mutual understanding between the intergovernmental organisation.

Lt General Ondieki was dismissed as commander of the peacekeeping force by the UN Secretary-General following a UN Special Investigation detailing the misconduct of troops and their inability to protect citizens.

The commander, who had only assumed office in June of 2016, was made to take the fall for the shortcomings of the whole mission according to the Kenyan government.

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The Kenyan Government, through its foreign ministry, in turn announced the withdrawal of its troops, saying its role in South Sudan was unappreciated.

The Transitional Government of National Unity also addressed the Kenyan government urging calm and asking the east African giant to give itself time before making final decisions as the United Nations reviews and reconsiders its decision on Lt General Ondieki’s dismissal.

The violence and attack on civilians in South Sudan has unfortunately continued as the United Nations and Kenyan Government bicker out a way forward.

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Reports suggest at least nine people were killed with 11 others wounded over the weekend in the capital, Juba.

An unidentified gunman was said to have opened fire on people watching a football match, a police spokesperson said.