Trump Supporters Arrested Outside US Embassy In Uganda

Two Trump supporters in Uganda were arrested on Tuesday, outside the US Embassy in Uganda, for demonstrating and campaigning.

The two opposition/youth activists were campaigning for the US presidential candidate in Kampala as they attempted to enter the embassy.

They were carrying placards, one with the slogan “A vote for Trump is a vote against African dictatorship!”

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According to the Daily Monitor newspaper, the police arrested the two men identified as Bigirwa Moses and Allan Kitonsa. Their colleagues Kizza Hakim, Kayondo Juma and Nsibuka Harunah who were part of the demonstration evaded the police.

The Trump supporters are members of the youth wing of Uganda’s Democratic Party, an opposition group fighting dictatorship in Uganda.

Kizza Hakim spoke to reporters outside the embassy, saying that they were campaigning for Trump because of his promise to fight dictatorship.

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Hakim said:

“Among the candidates for the presidency of America, he’s the only man who has said that once he becomes the president of America, he will fight the dictators, all African dictators, including Museveni.” 

Yoweri Museveni is Uganda’s president and one of the longest-serving leaders on the continent. In February, he won the general elections to extend his three-decade rule.

Hakim expressed his disgust with not being allowed to express his support for the republican candidate inside the United States embassy which ”is the land of America.”

Ugandan Police spokesman Emilian Kayima called the incident an ”embarrassment by two young men who appeared to be seeking political clout.”

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She added that the men will be charged with unlawful assembly for demonstrating without prior police authorization.

According to the AFP, a spokesperson for the US Embassy in Kampala confirmed the incident but declined to comment further.