twin sisters marry one man

It may be weird to see twin sisters marry one man, but these South African twin sisters who walked down the aisle with a man twice their age think it’s not.

In an interview, the twins, 25 year-old, Owami and Olwethu Mzazi, revealed how they both sleep in different rooms while their husband takes turns with them. They also revealed that sometimes he has threesomes with them.

The twins also revealed their dowries were paid the same day and their marriage to their husband happened on the same day.

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They are both students at City Varsity where they study Acting and have one child each. They both have 3 year old girls each for the man.

Influenced by the bond their mothers share, their three year old girls live like twins, to the extent of sharing a bedroom, and they call their mothers Mama One and Mama Two.

In the interview, the twin sisters disclosed that they are never jealous for each other because their man knows how to give them equal attention and love.

According to the twins during the interview as translated by the show.

“Even when he sends an SMS he will send it to Owami and to Olwethu. When he is about to come home he will send an SMS to both of us. He is coming to the same house but he separates the SMSs”.

twin sisters marry one man

The two said they agreed to marry the older man who has been their acting tutor because they didn’t want to live far from each other even when married. The twins said:

“He was our acting teacher and after a while we developed a bond. He told us that he loved both of us from the beginning. Back then he didn’t know that we wanted to marry one person.”

Even though the news of their marriage surprised some of their extended family members, they said their grandmother understood that they had desired to share one man.

This they said this was because since they were born they have shared everything else together.

“We have always done everything together. We share everything. That is how our grandmother raised us. So when we decided to marry, we said any man that wants to marry one, will marry the other,” Owami said.

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Their uncle had earlier suggested that it is only an older man who would offer them what they sought by providing equal love and care. The two sisters said that they never regret their decision as they had always known that they would marry the same man.

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