Mum With Two-headed Baby Screams For Surgery Help

A baby was born with two heads in Budalang’i and the mum is pleading for help to fund a Sh350,000 surgery on the two-headed baby.

The 21-year old mother identified as Judith Atieno gave birth to the baby with two heads at Sirimba mission dispensary nearby her California village home in Mudembi.

Appealing for funds to sponsor an emergency surgery, the parents of the baby related that Sh350,000 is needed for surgery.

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Judith said she was charged by doctors to take her baby to Moi Teaching And Referral Hospital in Eldoret for emergency surgery. “We are earnestly appealing to our MP Ababu Namwamba and other good samaritans to assist us,” she pleaded.

According to the baby’s dad, Macdonald Kachero, the baby has been admitted at Moi referral hospital in Eldoret where she’s presently awaiting treatment. He also is appealing for help. Hear him:

“We are appealing to well-wishers to kindly assist us to raise the money urgently so that our baby girl can be operated on and correct the situation.”

Reports of humans birthed with two heads aren’t new to the world. Those responsible of explaining the reasons behind such happenings are yet to fully understand the causes.

Nevertheless, they can tell that various congenital cephalic disorders do lead to the birth of child with two heads or faces.

For instance, they regard Craniopagus parasiticus as an extremely rare condition which happens when an embryo  blessed with identical twins fails to split completely. That creates a condition whereby an underdeveloped parasitic twin is attached to a fully developed child.

Situations where by an infant has two set of facial features which are not necessairily two head, are referred to as diprosopus or craniofacial duplication.

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It is believed that embryological disturbance in the separation of twins during the 2nd week of pregnancy cause such situations.

Meanwhile, cases of conjoined twins occur when fertilized egg fail to fully split after fertilization.