Two Kakamega Exchange Wife After One Found Out About His Wife’s Affairs

Kakamega villagers wore a look of shock on their faces at the news of an agreement between two men who conceded to swap wives after an affair surfaced.

The neighbours from Shikoti village signed the deal at area Chief Nicholus Odhiambo’s offices after the two men decided never to exchange fists over the infidelity about a month ago.

Susan Juma, 21, sworn never to go back to her 26 year-old husband, Patrick Mangala (pictured above), who now wants her back. Juma has been living with another man for about  a month.

This was after her husband Mangala and Ernest Anjeche, 44, agreed on exchanging their wives and even signed an agreement form. The deal was struck after they discovered that Mangala was dating Anjeche’s rightful wife.

Juma on the other hand, agreed to accept Anjeche, whose wife has been having an affairs with her husband for years.

Juma who is now living with Anjeche at his Shamala village home in Lurambi instead of Anjeche unfaithful wife Dorine, 22, said she is now in love with her husband.


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But Mangala (who is supposed to be with partner in crime) has since overlooked the agreement and is currently demanding for his wife (Juma). Odhiambo, the area chief said he was not around when the agreement was done and ordered the arrest of the two men over the dispute.

Susan Juma
Susan Juma

Juma’s husband has confessed that he can’t get over his wife since they had better understanding.

But Anjeche wants Mangala to live with his cheating wife Dorine who he was sleeping with while they were married, claiming he is happier with his new partner as both of them understand the need to be faithful in marriage.

He mocked Mangala for thinking his ex-wife was gold when he signed the agreement. Mangala said he will use any means possible in getting his wife Juma back.

Expressing his anger, Mangala said Anjeche is enjoying his wife and that irks him. Juma however has sworn never to go back to Mangala, a boda boda rider, alleging she is now in love with Anjeche, a night guard.

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She added that she was always fighting with Mangala but Anjeche is more composed and plays the role of a husband better than Mangala.

She said Mangala, her former husband, was also hitting her while her new husband treats her like she is the only woman in the village. In the pact, they signed that the women will take their children with their old husbands to their new homes. And as such, each man is responsible for the other person’s children.

Juma said she had two children aged three years and eight months respectively for former husband and they are now being catered for by Anjeche.

The distance between the two homes is not up to one kilometer. The father of Mangala, Mzee Peter Mangala, 66, lashed out on the agreement. Revealing that the parties hid the agreement from him, Mzee said since the two men are from the same village they could kill each other.

Mzee Mangala said he had never witnessed such an arrangement between men since he was born and only knew about it when the men were arrested.

He begs for the case to be resolved amicably because the pact is traditionally wrong. He has asked each woman to return to her old home. But Juma said she has been contemplating running away with her two children due to continuous death threats potentially from Mangala.

She claimed that her home was attacked before the feud but the attackers escaped when they screamed, leaving a threatening letter. Anjeche had reported to Kakamega police station but Juma said she might be forced to leave if the situation gets out of hand.

According to her:

“I love Anjeche very much but if Mangala continues to threaten us, I will go away so that both remain bachelors.”

Ernest Anjeche told the media that after signing the agreement “Kila mtu alikuwa na furaha… hata akanisindikiza hadi kwangu (Everybody was happy… He even escorted me to my home).”

But he said the deal hit a snag after his unfaithful wife changed her mind and refused to move in with her new husband.