Terror Group Loses key Members Amid Terror Plot Against Kenya

Police have arrested a suspected key member of the so-called Islamic State group who they say was controlling a “terror network” that was “planning a Westgate-style attack.”

According to police statement, Mohammed Abdi Ali, a medical intern at a Kenyan hospital, was also part of a group planning to “release biological attack… using anthrax.” The statement, in part, reads:

“His militant group was also planning large-scale attacks akin to the Westgate Mall, and Ali’s network included medical experts who were plotting a biological attack in Kenya using anthrax

Police say the suspect was also “involved in the active radicalisation” of students and actively engaged in recruitment of young Kenyans “to join terror groups in Libya and Syria.”

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The statement reads on:

“Ali has been engaged in the active radicalisation, recruitment of university students and other Kenyan youth into terrorism networks.”

Police also said they have arrested two suspected accomplices of Ali – Nuseiba Muhammed Haji (Ali’s wife) and Fatuma Muhammed Hanshi – in neighbouring Uganda. Police did not say whether Ali’s group had any connection to Al-Shabaab.

Following the arrest of a terror suspect whom they say planned extensive attacks similar to the Westgate Mall attack of September 2014 that killed 67 people, two other suspects have gone hiding. Ahmed Hish and Farah Dagane, both medical interns, “are still at large to avoid justice”, police say.

Ahmed Hish-1 Terror


Farah Dagane-1 Terror

The Somalia-based Al-Shabaab, an Al Qaeda-linked militant group, has unleashed several attacks against Kenya. The group has also scored success in luring many of young Kenyan men and students into becoming its fighters.

A report shows that on the edge of Nairobi, in the Pumwani slum, radicals find willing recruits who are ready to join the group’s fighters in Kenya as well as in Somalia even as majority regard them as brutal and fighting insensibly against general norms and belief. Militant attacks from neighbouring Somalia have climbed in recent years in Kenya.

The Somali jihadist group aims to unseat the Western-backed government in Mogadishu and impose its own version of Islamic law on the citizens. The group says it is attacking Kenya with utmost severity to make the country withdraw her military forces killing its members under AMISOM in Somalia.

The African Union peace force known as AMISOM has been fighting to end al-Shabaab. Kenya sent troops into Somalia in 2011 to join the African Union military operations against al-Shabaab.

So far, more and more international forces have joined AMISOM in the war against the group with British forces being the latest to be deployed.